The Art of Reconciliation 2008

“The Art of Reconciliation,” Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, Washington, DC 2008 (Curator: Ayelet Biran and Doron Polak)
The Art of Reconciliation, Water Institute Gallery, Givatayim, Israel 2009 (Curators: Ayelet Biran and Doro Polak)

The secret sound of the heart

“Please play with me
Up and down, side to side,
Until you and I become one…
Play the secret sound.”

This music tool was born out of a wish to make a game of strategy and winners to an interactive game in which everybody can play his one music by trying to leave the mind alone.
Connect to the self – breath, stay quite and listen to the rhythm, Feel the flow, and make the secret sound that comes from the heart and may open the other hearts for peace and silence.

BackgammonBackgammon Detail 01
Detail from Art of Reconciliation


Backgammon 01Backgammon Deatil

Detail from Art of Reconciliation