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In ONEBODY, Tal Eshed brings the viewer to a state of realization that life is a mystical moment in which the individual can experience the prophecy of one’s inner world.

As a society, we are the total sum of individuals who feel, think and experience through similar genetic/biological systems. Although our inborn emotional functions (our inner paradigms) are made up of those same mechanisms, they are expressed in an infinite range of different possibilities which help us distinguish our individual uniqueness from the union of which we are all a part.

From the womb, through the outside – it is always the “I” in relation to someone or something else. The “confusion” between internal and external taking place in the space and in the works sharpen the viewer’s reference to the site where the viewer may be found.

We can see those infinite possibilities at the moment any decision is made, in which a specific individual chose one direction over another. This moment is made present in the vide oart engaging in impregnation, the fetus, spaces similar to the womb – the specific point at which our DNA is determined.   The play between video works using the same raw materials concretize the idea that several different outcomes can result from the same original source. The installations comprised of a number of primary materials such as pearls and water, which shift meanings from work to work.

Pearls are like human beings, made up of layer upon layer, with no one similar to another. Pearls are born of the sea, like Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, associated with the womb, fertility and water, the material from which we are all born, the material which comprises the majority of our body, and most of our universe.

Water, in addition to being the basic material of the art works, function also as a symbol alongside of their biological aspect in the process of becoming.

In the trio of photographs, the link between the fetus’s natural environment and the human being is completed. Here is where possibility ends to become a defined figure.

Curator: Inbal Droval

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