LIGHT 2008 – a group exhibit from Israel


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Curated by Doron Polak and Amir Cohen

Featuring artwork by Israeli artists:
• Cha-Cha Porat • Dafna Margolin • Dorit Feldman • Doron Hanoch • Doron Polak • Gali Timan • Ilan Nachshon • Ilan Weisman • Ilana Yaron • Irit Segal Israeli • Jennifer Tuil • Jules De Andrés • Malka Inbal • Michal Fuhrer • Norma Drimmer • Orit Hofstein • Rachel Ouziel • Reuven Givati • Roni Ben-Ari • Sharon Baer-Attali • Sima Ariam • Sue Ella • Tal Eshed • Talia Ofek • Ted Barr • Varda Rotem • Yona Boren • Amir Cohen • Zila Shoham • Ziva Kronzon •

FusionArts Museum is proud to present its first exhibition of art featuring Israeli artists. It is curated by Doron Polak and Amir Cohen, co-curators/art directors of The Markers Art Project, Venice Biennale, 2001 – present.

The new exhibition at Fusion Museum provides artists with the opportunity to present a modern interpretation, based on their personal artistic thoughts and tastes, of the term “light”. Light, according to broad perception is, on the one hand, a physical-evolutionary discovery and at the same time a comprehensive concept of spiritual energy and thus an unlimited source of creativity.

For all artists light is first and foremost, an unlimited and unbounded source of abstract imaginative creativity. It is the source of all colors and exposures of the visual medium and both natural and artificial perspective and depth. It is hard to imagine the development of art without the motif of light that has undergone ever-changing interpretations and rules throughout history.

Light has been interpreted differently in every period in history. In the beginning it was seen as something totally abstract. Afterwards, thanks to Newton, it was perceived as small substances emanating from illuminating objects. Subsequently it was seen as waves stemming from infinite outer space. Quantum physics defined the duality of light: it is both particles and waves that emanate from illuminating objects. Based on atomic research during the 20th century, the essence of light was revealed to be energy released by electrons as they pass from one quantum state to another.

The Israeli poet Nathan Zach wrote “when God initially said – ‘Let there be light…’ he meant: let there not be darkness, he was not thinking at that particular moment about humans… but they had already begun to think about themselves”. Light is the beginning of the process of creation and evolution. Light created people and as a result they created themselves, the ways of the worlds and all its wonders. The artworks for this exhibition were created in a similar way – each contributing artist becomes the “creator of flesh and blood” of an artistic work which is related to and originates from light. The special interest in this exhibit lies in the completely different and unique interpretations of light presented by each of the artists through the use of all possible artistic media.