Dive In… The OUTDOOR Performances

 ~ being present in nature and public places ~

After traveling around the world over tow decades exploring the performance in different settings. It included a participation aspect that since those time and space transformed and grew, evolved into an independent series of events or happenings.


“Life can only be there in the present moment… We have to return to the present moment, to live it deeply and properly.” {Thich Nhat Hanh}

I humbly seek your interest to allow yourself being present with others in nature just as YOU are!

Liquid Light Project02Image from series LIQUID LIGHT Project, 2009, Auroville India,  an ongoing project of light ~

~ “We are all human beings, not “human doings.” Integrating meditation practice into my art practice has created a pathway for my striving to higher consciousness. Practicing meditation breathing has made me more aware of the body, and facilitates connection with the wisdom of the earth and the sky. We can give ourselves the opportunity to quiet the mind at this present moment which we call “now.”

This is an invitation to us humans to become more aware of what we all share with one another rather than what separates us from each other. What we all experience in the core of existence, in the very essence of our being, the place that connects us all to the heart, to feelings, emotions, energies in motion, is a direct connection to the source of light.” Tal ~

‘Dive in’ is an invitation to take part in a shared meditative based experience along with other people, to enter into our world of feelings, perceptions, and thoughts. The performance is constructed so that the participants can choose the extent of their engagement. It is possible to enter into one of the ‘meditation suits’ that are neutral , human shaped soft apparatuses that help muffle the senses and assist during the first phase of the experience by helping to gain a stronger connection to the self. The art work is meant to help tune into a sphere that is subjective and hyper personal and from there to reach into a compassionate empathetic and potentially healing reestablishment of connection with a more communal place or zone through unity and expectance.

As an art work, ‘Dive in..’ focuses on creating a shared notion of creation. Part of the strategy of the performance lays in its attempt to achieve a moment of a shared basic experience that goes beyond its subjective context. The work relays on water based elements because of their part in the elemental forces as well as our primordial memories of life in the womb. Water and its diffusing force as well as their part in our existence and essence are playing a part in the performances narrative. Water signifies a possible symbiosis between our various counterparts and their specific rhythm and dynamics have been a major part of the inspiration for this work.

The performance occurs in the public sphere in attempt to create a dialog that transcends the art gallery as a specific place with its set of cultural contexts. It aims to reach and inspire a widespread stillness within the outside world. To further this process and potentially expand the reach of this project, It is an extended invitation to participate in a communal potentially tantalizing moment. ‘Diving in…’ grants the opportunity to accept what is within us as a whole – shadows and lights – in a constant search for a harmonious flow. It is being able to surrender and let go of the mind’s actions and to find oneness with the magical creation of life with all its intertwining connections.

Dive In… experience is about sharing the divine light within each and everyone. Gathering together as a community by the ocean asking the water and nature to reflect and guid through a process of cleansing and purifying ceremony for tapping into the unconditional love of the universe . With the intention for Clear body & mind meditation practice diving into a deep connection with one self in order to master the self and open wide the connection of the inner wisdom and the intuitive guidance for reaching a clear vision of the soul purpose. Connecting to the uniq gifts of each individual meditating in a collective setting and sharing this light to spread it all around.   Tapping into the universal realms into a sense of unity and oneness. Any light can make a difference together we can make an effect!  We are all connected ! all waving into one another life journey as we all coming from the same source. Raise your frequency  become your light. Shine on and light your way and share it with others . Be an inspiration for someone and get inspired . As we share same feeling in that body we are having. Like a drop in the ocean expand the circle of love and healing energies into a global positive effect.
Let us shine from the inside out!

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