As Above So Below 2015


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This project is an experimental journey through micro/macro worlds of exploration.

The installation is composed of a combination of art materials with live biological cultures, referring to alchemical ideas, dealing with creation and transformation of matter into energies in space.

The installation is a journey of exploration of the wonders of crystals impacting the emotional body through light, color, sound and energy.

Water which is all around us, above and below, inside and out, searches for homeostasis. Water can be nurtured, restored, registered, recorded and remembered, and is also able to create change.

Water contains all of the qualities which can assist us humans to maintain balance in body, mind and soul.

This is an invitation for us to open our eyes, see, feel and sense what we can observe.

What is real? What is accessible to us to create our realty on all levels of consciousness? What is necessary to be able to open the gates and walk through our inner creative view of endless visions of the secrets of life?

Through microscopic photographs and videos examining matter and life on a small scale, looking closely at a drop of the ocean of being, living and nature, creating another view of the big picture, we are only making illusions out of what we see…

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